Legal Options for DeVry University Students With Loan Debt

Did you attend to Devry University? If you are saddled with student loan debt from your time at Devry, we can help to get it removed or eliminated. We are currently suing Devry on behalf of 100 different individuals for misleading statements with respect to the school’s graduation. We are suing the University on behalf of students who wish to recover damages associated with the tuition and other payments made to DeVry.

DeVry misled consumers by claiming that 90 percent of graduates actively seeking employment landed jobs in their field within six months of graduation. Advertisements making these claims appeared on television and radio, as well as online and in print and other media.  DeVry misled students by claiming that graduates with bachelor’s degrees, on average, had 15 percent higher incomes one year after graduation than the graduates with bachelor’s degrees from all other colleges or universities.


For-profit universities are not allowed to mislead potential students in advertising and other similar representations. By doing so give Devry may be liable to students who attended the University for all of the expenses and costs associated with attending the school.

Please contact our Chicago based law firm to learn how to sue DeVry on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no fees or expenses unless we win and recover for you. Our phone number is 312-332-4200 or you can reach us via email at