Potential clients continue to ask us what our 160 lawsuits on behalf of former Devry students actually allege. It’s simple. The claims center around a classic bait and switch in order to get students to enroll. Devry actively deceived potential students by claiming a 90 percent placement rate within six months of graduation. DeVry promoted these claims in TV, radio, online and print advertisements for years. We also allege that DeVry misled students by claiming graduates had 15 percent higher incomes one year after graduation than those with bachelor’s degrees from other colleges or universities. These representations were false and deceptive. The unrelenting pressure created by being a publicly traded, “for profit” entity incentivized the school to make these false claims in order to pull in more mostly federal student loan dollars to keep the share price rising.

Does this sound familiar? If so, please contact our Chicago based law firm via phone (312.332.4200) or email (Andrew@stoltlaw.com) or visit www.StudentLoanDebtSlave.com in order to get the questionnaire you need to start the process. We are not a debt consolidation firm. We are a law firm suing Devry to wipe out the onerous and fraudulently induced student loans that saddle so many Devry attendees.

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